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Veterinarybooks was one of our earlier creation and was optimized by us. The site can still be viewed here. It was based on J 1.10.xx and had Ja_olyra template from Site loading time was 115 secs (@ 56K) and http requests running high at 120. This was brought down to 65 secs (@ 56 K) and HTTP Requests down to 61.

Steps taken :

  • CSS & JS Optimization.
  • CSS code cleanup.
  • Removal of extra module/ mambots and suitable replacements suggested.

Result :

  • HTTP Requests (server load) decreased from 120 to 61.
  • Site loading time down from 115 to 65 sec (@ 56K).
  • A faster loading site.

Click below to compare the before and after stats. These reports were generated at


Before After
1b 3b