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idawz_main is based on Joomla 1.5.9, running on shared hosting with ja_edenite template from Site loading time was 152 secs (@ 56K) and http requests running high at 101 but reduced to 60, whereas, loading time was down to 53 secs (@ 56 K). The whole website is compressed

Steps taken :

  • CSS & JS Optimization.
  • CSS code cleanup.
  • Removal of extra module/ mambots and suitable replacements suggested.
  • Combining few css together, minifying and compression of css and JS.

Result :

  • HTTP Requests (server load) decreased from 101 to 60.
  • Site loading time down from 152 to 53 sec (@ 56K).
  • A faster loading site.

Click below to compare the before and after stats. These reports were generated at


Before After
idawz_b4 idawz_a4

Lot more decrease in load time and http request is possible, but that would have made it difficult to the owner to change the template and upgrading. so we decided to concentrate more on reducing loading time and compression of css and js. Its faster than ever and thats what the owner is happy about.