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Real_Village_Inc is based on Joomla 1.10.x series, running on shared hosting with template from Site loading time was 119 secs (@ 56K) and http requests running high at 78. Now the site loads faster with http requests down to 52 and loading time 56 secs. The site is now easier for dialup users.

Steps taken :

  • CSS & JS Optimization.
  • CSS code cleanup.
  • Removal of extra module/ mambots and suitable replacements suggested.

Result :

  • HTTP Requests (server load) decreased from 78 to 52.
  • Site loading time down from 119 to 56 sec (@ 56K).
  • A faster loading site.

Click below to compare the before and after stats. These reports were generated at


Before After
real_village_b1 real_village_a1
real_village_b2 real_village_a2
real_village_b3 real_village_a3



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